Bowen Me - Structural and Soft Tissue Therapist
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☯ Bowtech Bowen Therapy Cert IV
☯ Smart Bowen Therapy Diploma
☯ Hormone-Release Therapy
☯ Emmett Technique Practitioner
 Dorn Method Practitioner
 Myofascial Cupping Therapy
 Modern Cupping Techniques
☯ Senior First Aid
☯ Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia Member
☯ Medibank/BUPA accredited provider

2009 figure competitorIn 2009 and 2010, I competed as a WFF Figure Competitor. I had not been training for long and pushed my body to extreme limits in a short period of time in order to compete.

After my second competition in 2010 I suffered a bulging L4/L5 disc (a common problem amongst my clients), that fully compressed my sciatic nerve after a leg squatting session. I was unable lie or walk straight without my back going into spasm, had a severe limp, was on copious amounts of pain medications and did not sleep through a night without pain for almost a year.

My doctor recommended surgery as the only option. This is where my journey of natural therapies began.

I found many treatments were unsuccessful in resolving my condition or alleviating the pain. Many also struggled with the obstacle of treating me without lying down.

2010 figure competitorWhen I discovered Bowen and Emmett Therapy everything changed.

My treatment was conducted in a chair and while standing. My posture improved dramatically and I was soon able to be treated on a table without back spasms and my pain disappeared. I no longer needed surgery!

This experience changed my career path and I am now a qualified Bowen Therapist and Emmett Practitioner.  

I now have the enormous satisfaction of helping people,many of whom are tradespeople or work in the mines and put their bodies under extreme pressure for long hours.  By keeping up with regular alignments they have improved their flexibility, mobility and are no longer in pain.

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