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☯ Bowtech Bowen Therapy Cert IV
☯ Smart Bowen Therapy Diploma
☯ Hormonal Bowen Therapy
☯ Emmett Therapy
 Dorn Spinal Therapy
 Applied Myoskeletal Therapy
 Myofascial Cupping Therapy
 Modern Cupping Techniques
☯ Senior First Aid
☯ Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia Member
☯ Medibank/BUPA accredited provider

Bowen Me, Bowen Therapy, Dorn, bulging disc, Pain, alignmentIn 2009 and 2010, I competed as a WFF Figure Competitor. I had been training for 3 years during which time I pushed my body to extreme limits in order to compete.

After my second competition in 2010 I suffered a bulging disc L5/S1 (bulging discs are a common problem amongst my clients), that fully compressed my sciatic nerve after a leg squatting session. I was unable lie flat or stand straight and walked with a severe limp.  My back would spasm everytime I tried to sit and was worse at night so I wasnt sleeping.  The doctor was throwing  copious amounts of pain medications at me so I could barely communicate or focus at times and depression soon followed.

My doctor recommended surgery as the only option there were NO alternatives. To me that answer was simply out of the question. So my journey into natural therapies began.

I tried all my friends therapists and every natural therapy I could find but found many treatments were unsuccessful in resolving my condition or alleviating the pain. Many also struggled with the obstacle of treating me when I couldn't lie flat on their table and forced me into positions my body didn't want to go ending in chronic spasms and many tears.

Bowen Me, Bowen Therapy, Dorn, bulging disc, Pain, alignmentWhen I discovered Bowen Therapy everything changed.

My treatment was conducted in whatever position I felt the most comfortable that day including standing. Together with Biomesotherapy injections to manage the pain I was able to have better treatments and move more freely and eventually lie flat and stand straight again. After 11 months I no suffered any pain and returned to my doctor to throw all his medications back at him and tell him I no longer needed surgery.  I never went back to him.

This experience changed my career path.

I now have the enormous satisfaction of helping people, specialising in bulging disc pain.  I have kept many clients off the surgery table and educated them how to manage their bulging discs so they dont deteriorate or rupture and they have gone on to live a pain free life.  

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