Bowen Me - Structural and Soft Tissue Therapist

Case Studies


During my Dorn Spinal Therapy training at I worked on Kelly, a young 25yo carer who was suffering headaches twice a day and had been diagnosed with Mild Scoliosis - a curvature of the spine.  

The following comments were emailed to me by one of the instructors.

Kelly returned my call this morning and she told me that she got a little headache later that evening but since then she has been completely pain free.  No  headaches for two days and if you remember she had them twice daily.  She is extremely happy and excited by the possibility of being pain free.  I reminded her to continue doing the leg exercises every day twice daily for 2 months on both legs and for her to stay in touch.  She will attend the next session so you can see how her body has sustained the treatment and work on her for other joint issues.  She told me that she does have ankle pain but we did not work on that.  I told her I could do that for her in between.



To determine whether Bowen Therapy could reduce the frequency and duration of migraines therefore preventing a Familial Hemiplegic Migraine from occurring.

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