Bowen Me - Myoskeletal and Bowen Therapy
Bowen Me, Dorn, Bowen Therapy, pain alignment, bulging discWhat is Dorn Method?

The Dorn Method is able to detect and correct many joint and spine misalignments in a completely gentle, effective and save way. 

Using gentle pressure while the patient is doing simple movements the misaligned bones are guided back into their proper position. If at any time the pressure becomes uncomfortable it is stopped so it is basically impossible to do any harm.

Dorn Method combines all three parts necessary to heal – re-education, correction and self help exercises.  

What can Dorn Method help with?

This form of therapy has proven to be the most effective and safe treatment for all kinds of spinal problems like back pain, scoliosis or sciatica and also most other chronic conditions like migraine, asthma, diabetes, erectile dysfunction or infertility, almost all inner conditions. 

Dorn Method can be complimented with the other therapies I provide to achieve the highest benefit for you. 

Why is it so important to have the joints and spine aligned?

The spine is the main highway of nerves and the joints are like the side streets connecting the human brain as the control organ with the rest of the body. If this infrastructure is not aligned and in a balance then the nerve information exchange between brain and body is negatively influenced which can have catastrophic results for the person. In fact we are convinced that the root cause for all known ailments can be found at misalignments in the spine and joints.

What is causing these misalignments?

These problems have been found in almost every human being right after birth so it may in fact start there. Compared to the birth of an animal we humans are not able to stretch our body and walk very shortly after birth we are placed in a bed or carried for many months to come and so any misalignment due to the traumatic experience of birth is not only undetected but also uncorrected. 
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