Bowen Me - Myoskeletal and Bowen Therapy
What is Hyperton-X "Hypertonic Muscle Balancing”?

Hyperton-X tests for and corrects imbalanced muscles. By “clearing” these hypertonic muscles, the person becomes more flexible and relaxed and able to use their body in an integrated way, giving improved power and flexibility to their chosen activities. 

What are the benefits of Hypertonic Muscle Balancing?

Hypertonic Muscle Correction has been shown to have the following beneficial effects:-    
  • increase in Neuro-Muscular communication;
  • re-sets the proprioception mechanisms in the muscle spindles and tendon reflexes that may have been shocked due to injury or over-use;
  • improves circulation in both Vascular and Lymphatic systems;
  • releases inhibiting signals (interference) from the muscle that may cause a jamming effect in the sensory co-ordination areas of the brain - specifically the Common Integration Area (CIA) in the Logic Brain Cortex;
  • improves co-ordination through better muscle balance and enhanced cross-lateral stimulation in the Brain;
  • releases restricted muscles that effect Posture and improves normal flow of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid. (note: No Spinal adjustments are used)
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