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Kiaras pillow

Too Thin?
- Causes the head to fall out of alignment
- Adds pressure to the shoulder, which can cause shoulder stiffness

Too Thick?
- Forces the head out of alignment
- Reduces the size of the airway, which can lead to snoring

Rest and sleep are the body's chance to heal itself from the postural, physical and nervous insults of the previous day. The use of some of the following pillows can improve the quality of rest and repair, allowing one to wake up more rested and ready to face another day.


An orthopaedic pillow that is contoured to fill the spaces under the head and neck can be helpful for people with cervical spine problems. Also called cervical pillows or orthopedic pillows, this type of pillow has a deeper depression where the head lies, and extra support under the neck. People with cervical pain may favour these pillows, as they fill the hollow space created by the neck and help keep the neck in alignment with the spine. 



posture form - regular feel
The 'Regular Feel' (pictured right) is softer and most popular for narrow shoulders.  However the 'Firmer Feel' (pictured below) has the latest in charcoal infused memory foam which helps to regulate temperature, ideal for hot blooded males or menopausal women.  It is more suited to broader shoulders however both have a removable insert which can make the pillow lower to suit. The contour in these pillows help to elongate the neck and open the airways to prevent neck and snoring problems.

posture form - firmer feel


A body pillow that is as long as the body can serve several functions for people who prefer to sleep on their side, as the top portion can be used to support the head and neck, while the bottom portion supports the knees and legs. In particular, women who are pregnant may find that a body pillow that provides added support for the abdominal area helps them rest comfortably.  A u-shaped pillow can also be quite comfortable when sleeping on your side as you can throw your arm over the pillow and it stops your shoulders from rolling in. 
You can order both these quality side sleeping pillows through me.
Sona Pillow Side 1
Sona Pillow Side 2


The lack of sleep that snoring often causes may lead to a whole host of health problems, including: 

  • Daytime fatigue
  • Irritability
  • An increased risk of being in an accident
  • Lower sex drive
  • Depression
  • Premature aging of skin
  • Forgetfulness
  • Weight gain
  • Plus an increased risk of suffering: heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes!

or TRY THIS ...


When sleeping on the stomach, a flat pillow should be used or no pillow at all to protect the head and neck and prevent them from turning in an unnatural and awkward position. Another pillow placed under the stomach helps prevent the spine from arching and keeps it aligned naturally.  I have one of these and they are fantastic!


This inflatable travel pillow stands out in a prestigious class of its own, for the best support for your inflight comfort.  TravelComfort travel pillow supports & cradles your head, reduces cabin noise & provides maximum support for your head, so you can sleep the entire trip.  I have purchased two of these and will be trying them out in August.


I can order these in for you to collect at $29.90 each.
A lower back support pillow helps provide support for the inward curve in the lumbar spine. Sitting for extended periods of time without any lower back support can create muscle tension and pain in the lower back and legs (e.g. sciatica). Used when in a seated position, a lumbar support pillow fills the natural gap that is created between the lower spine and the chair.

Lumbar back support is also helpful when sitting in a car. When the lumbar curve is supported, the downward forces of gravity and driving are absorbed much like a coiled spring, as opposed to a non-supported straight or slouched lumbar spine.


When lying on the back, the pillow should support the neck, head and shoulders keeping the curvature of the spine in a natural position. The pillow should be kept low to prevent the chin tilting which can put strain on the neck. ALTERNATIVELY have no pillow under your neck but use a pillow below the knees to alleviate strain on the lower back.  The Complete Sleeprrr lower edge (as seen at the top of this page) is perfect for back sleepers.

I can order these in for you to collect

  • Cushions and diffuses pressure
  • Encourages the natural alignment of the pelvis and spine when resting or sleeping
  • Inhibits spinal twisting during sleep
  • Encourages better circulation

Care for the hips and back during sleep. The Leg Spacer Knee Support is a must for those with hip problems. Overstretched muscles, ligaments and tendons often mean aches and pains during the night and the morning.

Leg Spacer $69.00 each

Side Sleeper - Snoring Relief Leg Support $49.00


There are a wide range of pillows, cushions, supports and more for pregnant women and mothers to be. Don’t lose another night’s sleep when there are so many affordable, effective solutions for the discomfort and sleeplessness that can go hand in hand with pregnancy. Look and feel your glowing self with our pillows and supports designed just for you. Feel good and sleep better now and after baby comes. 

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