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Ive suffered from extreme migraines for years. My migraines would be 3-4 times a week. Lasting 5-10hrs n headaches the following day. Symptoms being blurred/loss of vision, tingling/numbness in my left arm and side of my face including inside my mouth, loss of control of my left arm (my hand would curl into a fist and I couldn't open it), loss of speech and memory (I couldn't even remember my childrens names). Similar symptoms to a stroke, which is what the first doctor I saw thought it was.

I had blood tests, scans, acupuncture, remedial massage, prescribed daily medications. NOTHING worked but I was willing to try ANYTHING! 

Then my appointment with Tracey...
I went and saw Tracey and with in 3 weekly visits I had NO symptoms. I have been off my daily meds for 3.5 months now and I HAVNT had a migraine in 5 months. I cant recommend Tracey highly enough. She saved me and my family from my suffering. I cant thank her enough xx


Thanks so much Tracey for helping my 6 yr old with wetting the bed.  He had not yet made it out of night nappies and was constantly drenched every morning – not 1 little wee, but enough to sink the titanic!  It was recommended that we try Bowen Therapy as a first port of call before medication to help him become dry at night.  Well 3 weeks now of dry nights and we have 1 very excited little boy and 2 very happy parents.   He connected with you instantly and enjoyed his therapy.  Thank you so much for opening our eyes to a gentler way of helping our son.


I was in agony for nearly three months with a pinched nerve, my left arm was almost paralysed and had continued spasms night and day with no relief, until I heard of Tracey.  At my wife's urging I made an appointment,  I just couldn't believe the relief from pain after one treatment of Bowen and Emmett and it got progressively better as time went on and I haven't had the problem since.



Just letting you know how pleased I am with the hormonal treatments you gave me through Bowen therapy.  After receiving my first treatment my hot flushes had decreased to few and far between, nowhere near what they were before the treatment.  Then I had a second treatment and I haven't had a hot flush since.  I also feel better within myself and am not as irritable either.  To any woman with menopausal problems I recommend hormone-release treatment.



In 2010, I suffered badly from migrane headaches for 3 months and was facing a spinal tap. I was vomiting daily and most of the time did not know where i was or who i was. I was an on call towtruck driver, yet I couldn't leave the house or even cook for myself so everything went downhill very fast. Tracey offered to do 3 free bowen treatments on me if she could use me as a case study for migrane sufferers. Although very sceptical and knowing medication was not helping i took a chance. WOW after 3 treatments my
migranes had reduced from one every day, eyes closed in a dark room for 4 hours, to one a fortnight to hardly ever!

Catching up with Tracey again this week after 3 years reminded me of how she helped me in ways I never thought possible. Thankyou so much for your magic hands and kind nature. Godsend!!!!



After spending 3 painful weeks laying on my back – not being able to sit, walk, move or touch my own leg. I was ready to put a knife in my own back.

I’m a Fitter and Turner by trade that works in a very heavy industry. It is very demanding on my ability to lift and bend and to be able to get into very confined spaces. After doing a 2 person lift at work from above head height to the ground, I developed a protruding disc (between S1 and L5). I went and saw my doctor and all he said is to rest and we’ll try a injection of steroid into my back. Yeah that worked till the cortisone wore off that afternoon.

Being my birthday, my wife and son wanted to take me out to the local club for dinner, so i drugged myself up on codine and morphine and hobbled into the club. This was the luckiest day of my life. A lady saw me hobbling around (Tracey) and asked what i had done to myself. I told her my story and she gave me a business card and said she could help ease my pain with some Bowen therapy sessions. After trying acupuncture and chiropractors and having no luck, I thought why not give it a go.

SESSION 1: The drive there just about killed me. Living about 6 kms away there must have been 1500 pot holes and I felt every one. Getting to Tracey’s treatment facility, she saw me get out of the car and helped me walk in and get up on the table very slowly seeing that was in huge amounts of pain. Laying on the table she was doing the thing she does best, while I’m thinking ‘is this soft touch going to do anything????’ After she had worked on my back, legs, neck and groin, she told me to sit up then stretched my back. Then I stood up. OMG. It wasn’t totally fixed, but at least I was standing – still had some pain but took my first 100 metre walk in 3 weeks.

SESSION 2: By the time this appointment came around, I didn’t need all the pain killers I was taking. I was feeling about 60% better before the appointment so things were starting to look up. Tracey did the same thing to me again with a few other areas needing more work. I got up off the table and my legs didn’t have any pain they were just a little sore. Sore is 1000 times better than pain. This time I walked 500 metres up the road and wasn’t getting any pain at all, just a little sore.

SESSION 3: This time I was still a little sore but feeling 85% and not taking any pain medication at all. Tracey did the same things to me again, adding a few extra procedures to her treatment to help correct my posture that had contributed to my downfall. After that session I went for a 1 km walk. The longest walk I have done in 4 and a half weeks with no pain or soreness at all.

This lovely lady has changed my quality of life. When I squat down I now stand up straight with out a wobble. I can now sit on the floor with my legs crossed with my son and play. When I bend over to pick something up, I can do it with out sticking a leg out to the side or bending one leg.

After 5 weeks off work, I think to myself, if only I knew about Bowen earlier it would only have taken me 2 weeks to get back to work. Tracey knows her stuff, she has the ability to know where your problems originate and how to treat them even if you don’t. Listen to her and do as she asks you to do, and you won’t ever look back. I will continue with regular sessions and never live with pain again thanks to Tracey’s profession and skills.

Many thanks
Timothy.S xoxoxox


I have had a lower back problem for the past 10 plus years.  Tracey's Bowen & Emmett therapy has changed that to such an extent I wonder why I put up with the issue for so long.  I now hardly think about my back and have been steadily improving my strength and stamina.



After suffering sinus since I was a child, which would lead into numerous sinus infections & then to a chest infection, the doctor told me it was time to have my nose broken which would “fix” the problem.  Being a Kinesiologist I decided that the broken nose option wasn’t for me & I found Tracey.  I had read that Bowen Therapy is good for sinus relief & lymphatic drainage so I thought I may as well give it a try since my other option seemed so much more torturous.   After having 3 sessions with Tracey which included an initial full body alignment & then 2 sessions working specifically on the sinuses, neck & lymphatics I was able to breathe clearly for the first time in a long long time.  I had relief from my itching puffy eyes, blocked nose & dull thudding pain in my forehead.  I felt the benefits so much so that I continue to come to Tracey once a month for a “tune up”.  During these tune ups she has helped alleviate many other symptoms some of which include, constipation, digestive disfunction, stiff neck & aching hips.  All of which I have felt great relief from after the treatment.

Make sure to follow her advice at the end of each treatment, you too play an active role in helping your body heal by having an understanding of what is going on.  I highly recommend Tracey as she is a vibrant, intuitive, understanding and exceptional Therapist.  I will continue to see her on a regular basis & I suggest you book in to see her too!

Thank you Tracey for your professionalism & your friendly manner.

Shay xo


After having my son in 2010 I have been plagued with a number of health problems and a lot of pain. Some of the problems I needed surgery for and the rest I was recommended to have Physiotherapy, take heavy pain killers and see a Chiropractor.

I had chronic lower back pain, hip pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and a weak bladder that lead to having constant pelvic cramps.

When Tracey offered to do some Bowen and Emmett Therapy on me I was pretty sceptical as I had been trying everything the doctors recommended and nothing seemed to work long term. The Bowen Therapy seemed far too gentle especially compared to the rough chiropractor work I’d been receiving weekly, but that night I slept through pain free for the first time in two years.  Even after racing around all the theme parks with my son in the following days I was sure I was going to pay for it but the pain never came… and that was over three weeks ago.

I am still pain free, don’t need to take heavy pain medication, can eat what I want again, and don’t need to get up all night to go toilet and my back feels great again, not too mention the money I’m saving on health professionals! This truly works, and it feels amazing to get my quality of life back! 

Thank you so much Tracey you have saved me from having another surgery and a lesser quality of life. 

Love being pain free….. Aneka xx


"Dear Friend. If you are reading this then you are curious about the skills of Tracey Kendall, Bowen therapist. I have been fortunate to have stumbled onto the magic of Tracey’s Bowen and Emmett Therapy skills.  Tracey has been a god send helping to relieve pain and tightness in mine and my partner’s muscles several times and once even helping me to head off a nasty flu. I hold Tracey’s skill in such high regard that I have even organised for her to visit my yoga studio and treat my students, all of whom were delighted.  I also referred Tracey to a corporate workplace I visit for fitness training – many of my students there also see Tracey and again are very happy with the results of her treatments."

Di Shipway x


"After 4 weeks of total pain in my lower back, not being able to attend gym classes or my usual daily walks on the beach, having to actually sleep on the floor for  relief, I was told about Tracey and her Bowen Therapy.  After a 20 min session of Bowen with Tracey I was pain free n have been ever since.  I thank you so much Tracey for your magic hands and would highly recommend this treatment to everyone."

Olivia xx Pain Free

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