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Too Thin?
- Causes the head to fall out of alignment
- Adds pressure to the shoulder, which can cause shoulder stiffness

Too Thick?
- Forces the head out of alignment
- Reduces the size of the airway, which can lead to snoring

Rest and sleep are the body's chance to heal itself from the postural, physical and nervous insults of the previous day. The use of some of the following pillows can improve the quality of rest and repair, allowing one to wake up more rested and ready to face another day.

Lying On Your Back

When lying on the back, the pillow should support the neck, head and shoulders keeping the curvature of the spine in a natural position. The pillow should be kept low to prevent the chin tilting which can put strain on the neck. It is also important to use a pillow below the knees to alleviate strain on the lower back.

Sleeping on the Stomach

When sleeping on the stomach, a flat pillow should be used or no pillow at all to protect the head and neck and prevent them from turning in an unnatural and awkward position. Another pillow placed under the stomach helps prevent the spine from arching and keeps it aligned naturally.

Sleeping on your side.

A body pillow that is as long as the body can serve several functions for people who prefer to sleep on their side, as the top portion can be used to support the head and neck, while the bottom portion supports the knees and legs. In particular, women who are pregnant may find that a body pillow that provides added support for the abdominal area helps them rest comfortably. Throwing the top leg over the body pillow while side sleeping should be avoided, as this places torque (twisting force) on the lower thoracic and lumbar spine. A u-shaped pillow can also be quite comfortable when sleeping on your side as you can throw your arm over the pillow and it stops your shoulders from rolling in.

Neck pillows.

An orthopaedic pillow that is contoured to fill the spaces under the head and neck can be helpful for people with cervical spine problems. Also called cervical pillows or orthopedic pillows, this type of pillow has a deeper depression where the head lies, and extra support under the neck. People with cervical pain may favour these pillows, as they fill the hollow space created by the neck and help keep the neck in alignment with the spine. Some orthopedic pillows tend to wear out after one or two years and may need replacing.

Travel pillows. 

A "U" shaped pillow that is curved to fit snuggly around the neck can be used for sleeping or supporting the head when in a seated position. This type of pillow prevents the head from bending too far to one side or the other. It also creates a support so that the weight of the head is partially taken care of by the pillow. This relieves some of the work done by the muscles keeping the head up and may be beneficial while sleeping in a sitting position, such as in an airplane or in a car.

Lower back support pillows. 

A lower back support pillow helps provide support for the inward curve in the lumbar spine. Sitting for extended periods of time without any lower back support can create muscle tension and pain in the lower back and legs (e.g. sciatica). Used when in a seated position, a lumbar support pillow fills the natural gap that is created between the lower spine and the chair.

Lumbar back support is also helpful when sitting in a car. When the lumbar curve is supported, the downward forces of gravity and driving are absorbed much like a coiled spring, as opposed to a non-supported straight or slouched lumbar spine.

Anti Snoring/Sleep Apnea Pillows

There are many different designs available now to help with these conditions. It is worth doing some research on the internet to find the best one for you.

If you are experiencing NECK OR SHOULDER PAIN, consider coming in for a full head to toe body alignment.


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