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Sometimes there are several reactions to be noticed up to several days after the treatment. 

  • Dull muscle pain due to the correction (like after a gym workout) and pressure sensitivity on the corrected areas are common.

  • Detoxification signs due to an improved metabolism (better nerve function) e.g. flue like symptoms, changes in toilet habits and even an awakening of unsolved inner issues may appear.

These reactions should be judged as a positive healing crisis!

Of course positive reactions like the disappearance of long time pain and chronic inner ailments can be noticed most of the time.  

Complementing treatments like massage etc. are advised to assist the Healing and to avoid that the tensed muscles are provoking or causing further misalignments!

In case of unexpected or severe reactions please consult me.


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After we undergo a treatment, we should be aware of the things that might change in our everyday habit. We must know that these changes are normal to the person who undergo this treatment because there might be something you will experience that is not normal for people who undergo the same kind of treatment. Treatment is done for us to be better not to make us worse. Let us always be alert of the effects of our actions. Keeping ourselves safe and healthy is our main goal in life and to live the most out of it.

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These reactions should be judged as a positive healing crisis!
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There is no set number of treatments and in many cases, one treatment can already help. In a few cases up to three treatments are recommended and in long-existing conditions, several months of therapy might be necessary.
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