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POSTURE FORM PILLOWSRecently I have posted in the 'Shop' section of my Facebook page, the new pillow range I now have in stock. Both are contoured with a high and low side suitable for BACK and SIDE SLEEPERS and both are adjustable with a removable memory foam insert.

I have two types and sizes:- 

posture form regular feel'POSTURE FORM - REGULAR FEEL' 
which is softer for those with narrow shoulders (when side sleeping) 


posture form - firmer feel$99.00 
'POSTURE FORM - FIRMER FEEL' which is slighter harder to support broader shoulders and has Charcoal unfused memory foam which is the latest developmenti in memory foam to help regulate temperature. Perfect for those hot blooded males or menopausal women.  It is more suited to broader shoulders however both have a removable insert which can make the pillow lower to suit. The contour in these pillows help to elongate the neck and open the airways to prevent neck and snoring problems.

Our supplier has partnered with a foam manufacturer in China who is at the forefront of visco elastic (memory foam) technology. They are world leaders in medical grade memory foam production with a series of patented foams they produce specifically for the health care industries in the US and Europe.

The concept of adjustability with a simple removable layer piece is widely used in these markets with fantastic long term success. Looking after health and wellbeing is what it is all about!

Their foams endure the strictest tests on harmful substances in the field of textile ecology in the world. Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the highest level of safety for humans and environmentally friendly production. Quite simply the quality and consistency that can be achieved is unrivalled.

These pillows can only be bought through Healthcare providers such as myself, they cannot be bought from a store or online.

posture form pillows

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