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Bladder problems


URINE RETENTIONUrinary retention is the inability to empty the bladder. With chronic urinary retention, you may be able to urinate, but you have trouble starting a stream or emptying your bladder completely. 


Urinary retention can be caused by anobstruction in the urinary tractor by nerve problems that interfere with signals between the brain and the bladder. If thenerves aren't working properly, the brain may not get the message that the bladder is full. Even if you know that your bladder is full, the bladder muscle that squeezes urine out may not get the signal that it is time to push, or the sphincter muscles may not get the signal that it is time to relax.

How's your bladder working?

Bladder leakage?
Urine Frequency?

If you suffer frombladder related problemsand think its something you have to manage or to get used to, you are wrong!

It is more common than you think and is not something that only happens during or after pregnancy or to the elderly.

Quite often people with these problems suffer from a condition called ‘dropped bladder syndrome’ without knowing it and Bowen Therapy may help.

There is a Bowen procedure called the Dropper Bladder Technique that may bring the bladder back to its natural position.
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