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Well there's no doubt summer came around quick and if you're trying to do the mad dash to tone up the wobbly bits by hitting the pavement like me, then you maybe experiencing some back lash like Shin Splints.

Shin splints

I have been trialling the app 'Couch to 5k' running program (highly recommend it) which teaches you how to build up your running endurance over a period of 9 weeks. 

Unfortunately shin splints have been my side affect so thought I'd share some info on it that maybe helpful to others.

What is Psoas?

Clients suffering lower back pain, often commenting that it’s  worse when they go from sitting to standing frequently turns out to be the psoas muscle in spasm. 
Psoas muscle

The psoas (with a silent “P”) runs from the inside of the transverse processes of your lumbar vertebrae (the attachment surfaces of the bones of your lower spine) internally to the lesser trochanter of your femur (an attachment point on the inside of the top of your thigh bone) and acts as a hip flexor (raises your knee towards your chest) and external rotator (turns your thigh out).


Are you sitting right now? 
Evaluate your posture: are your legs crossed?

Almost half (45%) of women cross their legs most or nearly all of the time, even though 75% of these women know it is bad for them. It is a matter of routine rather than manners for women, over 70% of who claim they do it out of habit, not thinking or realizing what they are doing!

So why is leg crossing a ‘bad habit’? 

When you are in the seated position with both feet on the floor, your spine is resting squarely on your pelvis.


Do you have any idea that wallets can lead to extreme pain in the lower back in men? It is not about shortage of money that cause it but it is a small wallet that put stress on the lower back and cause sciatica in several cases. On the other hand, several studies explain the advantages of a thin wallet. 

Basically, thick walletkeeps the person’s posture incorrectdue to which it can injure the sciatic nerve and can causes sciatica. There are many things that you need to carry like bills, identity cards and credit cards so it is difficult to carry it in a tiny wallet.

Heel Problems??

Not surprisingly, heel pain can have a debilitating effect on our daily lives making it painful to walk. 

The most common cause of heel pain is something called plantar fasciitis. 


What is it?

The plantar fascia is a thick strip of tissue running from the heel of your foot to your toes and helps form the arch of your foot. You can feel it on the soles of your feet quite easily. If the fascia becomes inflammed you have what is then called plantar fasciitis. Literally meaning that there is inflammation (-itis) of the plantar fascia.

Tightness in the Abductors

The ball-and-socket construction of your hip joint allows you to move your thigh in many different directions. One possible movement of the hip is abduction. The abductors move the thigh away from the center of the body, such as when you take a step to the side. 

When your abductors are tight, they restrict the mobility of your hip. This can lead to pain on the outside of your knees as well as in your lower back and hips. When your piriformis is tight, you might experience pain that begins in your buttocks and radiates down your leg.

Shin Splints

Shin Splint locationAlot of people think that shin splints are stress fractures and have taken to running on sand to alleviate the impact stresses. Unfortunately, this actually worsens the problem and causes the muscles to further inflame from the exaggerated motion of sand running. 

Shin splints essentially result from the muscles of thecalf becoming inflamedfrom a sudden increase in exercise intensity or amount, resulting in the connective tissue that attaches them to the tibia being stretched back from the bone.

Water and Lower Back Pain

Taken from the bookThe essential guide to Water and Salt

Water and Salt bookLower Back Pain

It should be appreciated that the spinal joints - intervertebral joints and their disc structures - aredependent on different hydraulic properties of water stored in the disc core, as well as in the end plate cartilage covering the flat surfaces of the spinal vertebrae.  

In spinal vertebral joints, water is not only a lubricant for the contact surfaces, it is held in the disc core within the intervertebral space andsupports the compression weight of the upper part of the body.

Piriformis muscle

piriformis muscle picI see a fair few problems relating to this one muscle, and the end result is often sciatica. That’s an inflammation or irritation of the sciatic nerve that can come from the spinal outlets but also from direct pressure from a tight piriformis.

The piriformis attaches at the anterior surface (the inside) of your sacrum and the greater trochanter (the lump on the outside of your hip) of the femur. It essentiallyexternally rotates the hip(turns your foot out) but alsoabducts your femur when your hip is bent.

Bursitis and Tendinitis

What Are Bursitis and Tendinitis?
Bursitis and tendinitis are both common conditions that cause swelling around muscles and bones. They occur most often in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle.
A bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion between a bone and other moving body parts such as muscles, tendons, or skin. Bursae are found throughout the body. 

Bursitis occurs when a bursa becomes swollen.

tendonitisA tendon is a flexible band of tissue that connects muscles to bones. Tendons can be small, like those found in the hand or ankle, or large, like the Achilles tendon in the heel.
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